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    Maximizing productivity while preventing burnout

    Finding and providing support during difficult seasons

    From stress to wellness

    The relationship between work and wellness

    Navigating through loss and grief

    Prioritizing your mental health


    Communication that builds and improves the bottom line

    The necessity of conflict for a thriving workplace

    Emotional intelligence for effective relationships

    The language of leadership


    Developing community in midst of diversity

    The beauty of diversity for a thriving workplace

    Spirituality in the workplace

    Overcoming bias that blinds without shame

    Keys to a psychologically safe workplace

    See me, Understand me, Work with me


    The mindset that can make or break you

    FLEXing your way to growth

    Developing resilience for success and longevity

    Spirituality and Wellness

    The compatibility of spirituality and wellbeing

    Mental health and the church

    The priority of wellness for clergy and ministry leaders

    Understanding, preventing, and healing from spiritual abuse

    Grieving well after loss

    Ministry to the hurting


    The Secret Sauce to Success for First Gens

    Emotional intelligence for thriving relationships

    Managing stress to escape burnout

    Building resilience to navigate through life’s challenges

    Prioritizing your mental health

    Growing your diversity IQ

    Effective communication in diverse settings

    Relationship Retreat

    Relationship or marriage retreat for your organization

    Marriage or relationship retreat for your church

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    Keynote Speeches

    Does your organization need a keynote speaker for an event, conference, retreat or training? We can assist you. Equipped with over two decades of experience as a clinician, wellness strategist, educator and communication/relationship specialist, Dr. Felix can help ensure that your audience or workplace is positively impacted in keeping with your objectives. This service can be offered in-person or virtually.

    Consulting, Assessment & Growth

    Developing an organizational culture that supports wellness is a key to reducing burnout and maximizing productivity in the workplace. We can assist you by first assessing your team and strategizing with you to develop the right plan that can foster personal and organizational growth. Making a culture shift is possible. Allow us to assist you.


    Does your organization need a workshop to train participants and provide them with the right tools for continued growth? We can provide interactive sessions on various topics related to wellness, diversity, resilience, effective communication, mindset, crisis management, and more customized to your audience. This service can be offered in-person or virtually.  


    Having the right moderator or host who can keep your audience engaged will certainly contribute to the success of your event. Allow us to assist you. We can participate in-person or virtually.

    Radio/Podcast/TV Appearance

    Need an expert to communicate effectively to your wide audience on topics related to wellness, diversity, effective communication, mindset, relationships and more? We can assist you. This service can be offered in-person or virtually.

    On-Demand Training Programs

    Does your organization need on-demand training for participants addressing effective communication, conflict-resolution, prioritizing mental well-being, leadership or more? We can assist you by creating the content you need to propel your team towards growth.

    Book Dr. Felix for your next speaking or training event