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  • Couples/Marriage Intensive

    Is a Couples/Marriage Intensive right for you?

    · Are you in crisis?

    · Have you become more like roommates than lovers?

    · Are you on the brink of divorce?

    · Has there been an affair or another form of infidelity?

    Then a Couples/Marriage Intensive may be what you need to restore your relationship and reset the trajectory towards a strong, loving, and lasting relationship.   

    Couples/Marriage Intensive

    What is a Couples/Marriage Intensive?

    A Couples/Marriage Intensive allows couples the opportunity to set a devoted block of time aside to work on and transform their relationship. By having an uninterrupted and focused period, couples can address long-standing or new issues negatively impacting their relationship. This then allows couples to repair, begin the healing process, and develop a healthier and more loving bond as they learn and implement new skills to foster growth.

    What is the format of a Couples/Marriage Intensive?

    Each Couples/Marriage Intensive is customized to a couples’ need. It can be offered as a one-day or two-day in-depth therapy experience. Longer periods can be considered for couples who desire an extended period. Intensives are beneficial to couples who need or prefer to work on their relationship during a solid timeframe rather than over several weekly sessions. Depending on the format, an intensive can be equivalent to one to four months of weekly therapy. Follow-up sessions are then held as needed to reinforce skills after the intensive.